Marrakech at Sunset


Although a photo can tell a thousand words there is a lot a photo can't capture. The hustle and bustle of Marrakech with it's colourful souks, energetic performers, bohemian culture and symphony of mosques is something you need to experience first hand. 

Osunyai Lamarkau is an Elephant Lover's Paradise

The swamp in front of Osunyai Lamarkau has been consistently full of our large, grey, big eared friends. From the dining tent in camp you can here deep belly rumbles, trumpeting and even flapping ears as the elephants carry on with life as usual. 

Taking time to walk from camp brings a completely new dimension to being in the bush. Far from the steady burr of the Landcruiser, you begin the notice the little details of life in the bush, the perfect balance that nature has created. 

Exclusively yours.