My interest in East Africa and her beautiful women comes from a magical childhood growing up in Tanzania. As a little girl, I could not understand the differences between my native culture and the one immediately surrounding me, and of course I did not need to. I laughed and played and spent all my time outside under the African sun, in the African soil - it was the best. Throughout adolescence I was lucky enough to spend periods of time back in the UK, it was during one of these trips it dawned on me that I did not quite fit anywhere. Finally, I came to create my own idea of culture, embracing ideals from both England and Tanzania, a process I'm sure many whom have grown up overseas can relate to. In time I have come to recognise how lucky I've been in my upbringing in Tanzania and that my passion is sharing this with anyone who is interested! 

At university, my interest in women's culture continued and I wrote my thesis with a focus on gender role development in children in Northern Tanzania. I have worked as a camp manager in the depths of the jungle in Mahale Mountains National Park. Living close to chimpanzees was incredible and one of my favourite experiences to date. For two years I lived on the edge of Tarangire National Park, working with local communities to improve their agriculture techniques and achieve a better understanding of sustainability. Among my responsibilities was a 15000 acre village conservation block that needed protection from poaching and deforestation efforts. Now I am so excited to be working with Wildlife Explorer, my family, to guide my own trips and continue to learn alongside new people.

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