Relatively untouched and unknown, laid back but incredibly stunning.



Pangani is a small town on the mainland of Northern Tanzania. Up until recent years this beautiful area has lain quietly out of many international tourists' eye...however, an improvement in transport has started to change this. There are a number of options for accommodation, from basic beachside huts to slightly more extravagant gazebos we are sure to find the right place for you. 

In the town itself there is a strong feel of Arabic influence that remains from decades gone by, Pangani's culture is as rich and interesting as what you may expect to find in Zanzibar. Other activities can include water sports such as wakeboarding, snorkelling and diving. You may also choose to simply sit back and take in the peace and quiet around you. 

Pembe Abwe is the retreat of Jo and Gary Strand, nestled in the middle of a private bay south of the old slave port of Pangani. 3 metres from the waters edge, Pembe Abwe is Robinson Crusoe for guests wishing to be totally secluded in a self catering location.