Kids on Safari

  Sharing special moments with loved ones defines our family identity and reinforces the bonds between Grand parents, parents, children and grandchildren.

Since 1984,Wildlife Explorer’s philosophy of ‘Exclusivity is the last Real Luxury’ has appealed to many multi generational safari groups wishing to experience the majesty that is Africa on their own terms. 

We have unrivalled history in combining the right amount of unique experiences in order to create a safari that will enthrall and excite even the youngest member of a family, all the way up to the doting Grand Parents that will cherish these shared moments.

Ethical cultural interaction, guided bush walks, night time game drives and the very experience of spending time in one or more of our tented camps on an exclusive basis, will reunite your family in an unforgettable African odyssey.

Osunyai Lamarkau, Dulana Serengeti, Akiba Kibwe Serengeti, The Alamana Wilderness Camp and our Traditional Mobile Tented Camp all accommodate 16 guests comfortably.

Our experienced staff, all know how to give their time and experience for you and your family.

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