Northern Tanzania offers you the greatest safari combination - Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara and Tarangire. 

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Osunyai Lamarkau Wilderness Camp

Osunyai Lamarkau lies within the territory of one of Tarangire’s largest Lion prides numbering over 20 individuals controlled by 4 splendid Black Maned Lions. The camp sits facing the rising sun on the edge of the wilderness zone, affording stunning game viewing by 4WD or on foot accompanied by an armed Ranger. Night game drives are also available, as are small ‘fly camp’ overnight sleep outs for the more adventurous.

Due to the location of Osunyai Lamarkau and the sunrise setting, the camp affords a glimpse of true exclusivity-the last true luxury in travel. With only 16 beds and an occupancy that caters for either 2 small groups only or a larger group on an exclusive basis, the feel of Osunyai Lamakau is deliberately one of privacy.

Add in the location on the edge of the wilderness zone within Tarangire-far from the main circuit, Osunyai Lamarkau is, without a doubt the most remote of any accommodations within the park.

Dulana Serengeti Camp

Dulana sits on the edge of ‘Hidden Valley’ a little known depression on the southern plains of the Serengeti, on the edge of the off road driving area, allowing immediate access onto the short grass plains where Cheetah are abundant and Lion prides establish territory close to camp and the surrounding woodland.

The camp takes advantage of the uninterrupted views across the shallow valley, where different species of game can be spotted from the comfort of the accommodation tents. The main lounge and dining tents also enjoy splendid views and are a haven of comfort for the hours of daytime rest.

The site for Dulana has been selected for its proximity to the short grass plains but more importantly, the camp has a feel of remote exclusivity, away from most other tourism in an isolated setting. Dulana activities are all about big game-predator and prey interaction with more than a little theatre thrown in as embellishment for the adrenalin rush that is the Serengeti.

Akiba Kibwe Serengeti Camp

Akiba Kibwe with its westerly setting, epitomizes the true spirit of a romance under canvas. Each accommodation tent has uninterrupted views west, sited to maximize the classic African landscape. Dining and relaxing are well taken care of in the separate tents with their billowing fabrics rippling in the African breeze. Menus are individually crafted to take in guest preferences, whilst our selection of southern African wines, beers and soft drinks, compliment the culinary experience. A full bar is always open. Sitting in the very north of the Serengeti National Park, Akiba Kibwe lies directly in the route of the migrating wildebeest and zebra as they head towards the Mara River.

 Game viewing has a completely different feel to the south with a twist of similarities that compliments both locations. The river creates an exciting backdrop and alternative wildlife haven to the surrounding short grass plains and kopje systems that dot the valleys of the north.

Like its sister camp Dulana, Akiba Kibwe activities are all about big game-predator and prey interaction with more than a little theatre thrown in.

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Olerai Bush home

About 18months ago we decided to expand our family home in order to be able to host our guests in Arusha before they headed out on safari. Olerai is nestled in the Yellow Barked Acacia and has a total of nine guest rooms.  We affectionately refer to Olerai as our Urban oasis. 


Tarangire National Park 

Tarangire National Park has the largest concentration of Elephant and Buffalo herds in East Africa and a great variety of other plains game, including wildebeest, zebra, eland, impala and giraffe. Tarangire is also home to lesser kudu and Oryx. Cow Calf elephant herds of several hundreds sometimes numbering over 500 are a common sight, with Buffalo herds of several thousand also seen in the southern confines of the park.

The Ngorongoro Crater

Standing at 2236m above sea level, Ngorongoro is the largest caldera in the world and is surrounded by very steep walls rising 6 unbroken 10m from the floor. Covering an area of 259 sq.kms, it is considered to be one of the Wonders of the Natural World and is a veritable haven for wildlife.    



Interested in building your own itinerary for Northern Tanzania? Or maybe combine it with another destination…get in touch and we will start working on it together. 

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