Wellness in the Wild

 The wilderness of Africa is full of magic and wonder that each one of us will experience uniquely.

Wellness in the Wild incorporates aromatherapy, Aryuveda, and yoga with our exclusive camps set in some of the most game-rich areas of the world. While we still focus very much of the wildlife experiences I have introduced some new ways to get people to slow down and enjoy the minutiae. I am truly so fortunate to be a part of my family business which has over 30 years experience in exclusive journeys in Africa. Because Wildlife Explorer has always been about exclusive experiences and journeys, our ethos is so complimentary to the wellness concept. As a guide and a yoga teacher, I find that more and more of my guests are seeking simplicity and want to feel healthy, revitalised and rejuvenated. 

~ Hannah Strand

Contact us to sign up for an upcoming yoga safari or to plan your own. Let's see where this journey will take us!

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