The scenery is different, the vegetation is different, the climate is different and most of all the people are different from anything elsewhere… in the whole of Africa.

Sir Winston Churchill


The Pearl

Uganda is a country whose beauty almost denies description – to the west rolling highlands covered in tea plantations green to an almost emerald translucence, to the east vast wilderness tracts covered in great herds of wild animals and in the central regions huge lakes and river systems provide wonderful habitat for the returning game.

Safari in Uganda can include white water river rafting, lake journeys bird watching and of course traditional game viewing using our four wheel drive vehicles but almost all safaris include some time at The Impenetrable Forest.

The very name conjures visions of Tarzan like vines and secretive forest animal’s shadow like in the dense vegetation. To be frank this would be quite an honest description of trekking in The Impenetrable Forest however under the keen eyes of the Ugandan Wildlife Service Gorilla Safaris are now not only on a par with neighbouring Rwanda’s long standing habituation projects but to many The Impenetrable Forest provides the purest Gorilla Trekking available.

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