Three Other Amazing Animal Migrations

Before we go any further let me just say - I love the Great Wildebeest Migration, obviously. Who doesn't!? But for once, let's talk about these other journeys.

Migration is one of the greatest mysteries of the animal kingdom - although scientists have observed it in all major animal groups there is relatively very little known about the specifics. 

Did you know...

1. The winner of the most epic of insect migrations - Dragonflies. It was recently discovered that dragonflies are capable of migrating 14,000-18,000km. The route spans India, the Maldives, the Seychelles, Mozambique, Uganda and back again as millions of dragonflies follow the rains! In a relay race type scenario, it takes four generations of dragonflies to complete the migration. 

2. The largest mammal migration is the straw coloured fruit bat migration which takes place in Zambia. 8 MILLION (or more) bats in the Congo Basin take to the skies and head for Zambia's Kasanka National Park - they come in search of the waterberries, mango, wild loquat and red milkwood berries that appear in abundance at this time of year. 
Bats are extremely important for Africa's habitats as they are responsible for at least 60% of the seed dispersal of the continent's rainforests. 

3. The Great White. Wow. What an impact this fish has. Great whites, such as the famous Nicole, have been recorded migrating from South Africa to Western Australia (a 20,000km round trip) in one year. Nicole's journey was impressive not just in the sheer distance travelled - she maintained a minimum speed of 5km/hr! But why do they leave their food source in SA? Why do only some leave and others not? Where do they go? 

The mystery surrounding migration is fascinating. To witness so many animals moving together with such purpose may take your breath away as you are reminded how incredible this Earth is.