Africa is a continent that either beguiles one immediately with a heart wrenching primordial hook, or an experience that puts so many challenges in ones way, that the only course to take is a wide berth for a more ‘civilised’ destination.

 Fortunately, the Dark Continent not only intrigued me, but left me breathless, a place of dark magic, life threatening excitement and the most perfect place to call home, raise barefoot children and work at what has become a life long passion-safari za Mwituni or in the Queens English- a Journey in the Wilderness.

 Over the past 35 years (since 1979), many of Africa’s secrets have revealed themselves, whether it be in the early morning call of a solitary Leopard demarcating its territory, the splendor of the ring necked Dove heralding a new day, or the reward of sharing a lifetime of experiences with the peoples of Africa.


It has been a journey I could only have dreamed of growing up in the southern United Kingdom, but a journey that has seen few boundaries and which continues to mesmerize me every single morning I wake.

To love what one does in life is a true gift, to share that gift with the guests and friends that accompany me into the wilderness of Africa is a limitless privilege.

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Safari za Mwituni-A Journey in the Wilderness


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