For many years, Wildlife-Explorer has endeavored to give back to the communities we touch during the course of outfitting safaris.  We have learned that through the conscientious coordination among communities, schools, individuals and charitable groups, it’s possible for even the smallest contribution to make a huge difference in the lives of Tanzanians.  As a result of our efforts, the Tanzanian government has acknowledged Wildlife-Explorer with a certificate for exemplary contributions to these communities.  We are proud of this recognition and continue to work toward making a difference.

In setting up our community support, we have emphasized education as the key to helping young people better cope with the problems they face here in underdeveloped Africa.

Within the communities we have selected, there is a fundamental desire and willingness to strive for better education.  Yet, limited resources result in inadequate school facilities and supplies.  Moreover, the lack of funds all too often prevents children from pursuing the secondary studies that can shape their futures and the future of Tanzania.

Together with friends, individual clients and charitable groups established by those who have visited Tanzania with us, Wildlife-Explorer supports various community projects, as well as secondary school scholarships.  Over the past 20 years, we have renovated classrooms, built a pre-school classroom, teachers’ toilets and quarters, and donated school books and supplies to Nygani and Nshupu Village Primary Schools; 


For our guests wishing to help with a scholarship, we work with The Hodari Scholars Foundation, a California non-profit organization that provides secondary school scholarships to Tanzanian girls who are eligible to continue their education, but don’t have the financial means to do so.

Hodari (which means “courageous” in Swahili) Scholars works with local primary schools, teachers and village leaders to identify girls in need.  Girls are selected on the basis of their primary school records, financial need and expressed reasons for wishing to continue their education.  Hodari Scholars supports selected girls for a four-year period as long as they continue to meet the program’s criteria of (1) maintaining at least a B grade average; and (2) providing progress and grade reports to Hodari and Sponsors and Patrons to whom they are assigned.  Scholars are enrolled in girls’ private boarding schools, where possible, and are monitored through grade report review and school visits.

The cost of a one-year scholarship is currently about $1,000.  Scholarships include tuition, room and board, uniforms and any other contributions the school may require.  They also include textbook purchase and tutors when needed.

Donations to Hodari Scholars may be made at the Donor ($100), Sponsor ($1,000) or Patron ($3,800) level.  Sponsors and Patrons are assigned individual scholars and Patrons’ contributions provide a four-year scholarship that is named for the Patron.

To give Sponsors and Patrons the opportunity to develop more personal and potentially long-standing relationships with their assigned scholars, the scholars directly communicate, through Hodari, with news of their progress and life at school.  Hodari Scholars also provides Sponsors and Patrons with photos and yearly updates on their assigned scholars.

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Mkombozi Centre for Street Children is a non-profit making organisation. It works with vulnerable children and young people in Kilimanjaro and Arusha regions, Tanzania. Mkombozi’s work with communities reduces the number of children going to the streets. It also offers support and services to street children by helping them with work and education opportunities, providing a safe space for 107 children at its residential centre and helping children rebuild their ties with their families.  Mkombozi gives these children a childhood. A chance. A future.  Find out more at

Mkombozi gives these children a childhood. A chance. A future.

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